Landscapers, Landscape Construction job in Newport 3015


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Nathan from Newport, 3015 has requested help with a Landscapers, Landscape Construction job. See the details below:

Job ID: 7389615
Job Start By: ASAP, I need the job completed in the next few days
Contact details: Verified
Description: I require entrance to have Tuscan toppings with large pavers leading to front of house and similar design down the side of house.
I require some excess dirt to be removed. I require new lawn to be level and laid
Approximate size of garden: 50 sqm or less
Do you need supply of plants or materials?: No I dont need anything new
Do you need landscape design/ architecture?: No, existing design
Residential or commercial job?: Residential
Landscaping to include: Paving;New lawn
Nathan provided images of their job.